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Contact Reservations Allegiant Airlines Phone Number For Best Flight Booking 

Allegiant Air is one of the most successful airlines and the fastest growing airline. Allegiant offers rock-bottom fares and is the country’s most successful yet least known airline. Although Allegiant fares are tempting, the airline is known to charge for just about everything and their list of fees is lengthy. When you book on Allegiant Airlines Reservations Phone Number at (800) 823 9246 you get a guided, more informative booking so you don’t make costly mistakes of choosing those extras that tempt you at every step of your booking.

Allegiant Airlines Reservations Phone Number offer full support booking that takes care of all your needs from the start; right from when you scour for prices to making a guaranteed cheap booking and up till when you deplane. We handle all your additional requests, follow up on complaints and book extra facilities through a single touch point at 800.823.9246 Allegiant Airlines Phone Number.

Not getting clear answers to your queries about Allegiant Air policies? Talk to Allegiant Airlines Phone Number associate and get clarity.

Allegiant Airline Baggage Policy

Watch out for this one because as this is what’s going to catch your attention if you are a first timer.  Allegiant only allows for one complimentary personal item in flight that can easily fit under the seat in front of you. Otherwise, both carry-on bags and checked bags are going to cost extra. Prices depend on the route and when it is added to the itinerary. There is a lower fee of around $13-22 (depending on destination) when you check a bag during booking, during Pre-Departure it costs $45 and at the airport it’s $50.

But it’s a must-have, especially when you are traveling with the family. Call our Allegiant booking support center and let us know about booking additional baggage so we can help you save cost as charges are much higher after you reserve a ticket.

Checking-In & Priority Boarding

Passengers are allowed to make online check-in and print their boarding pass 24 hours before the flight to avoid charges of printing a boarding pass at the airport. Call our booking support and our advisor will complete the check-in and boarding request online for you.

Allegiant Air Pet Policy

Allegiant allows carrying small dogs and cats in the cabin in an approved airline pet carrier with a waterproof bottom. Pet carrier is not included in the carry-on and an extra fee is applicable as excess baggage. Check out Allegiant’s rules for service and emotional support animals like written documents required etc.  Talk to our advisor when you make a booking or later to make a request for booking your emotional support pet on Allegiant.

Allegiant Air Seat Selection

Allegiant has 90% standard seating and 10% seats are with extra legroom. Their Boeing 757 has about 70% standard seating and 30% with extra legroom. The standard seat has a 30” pitch and the extra legroom seat has a pitch of 34” (both have a width of 17”). The most spacious seats are the Giant Seats with a pitch of 34″ pitch having 25″ width.

If you don’t pay for priority seating then you cannot sit near the front half of the airplane. Call Allegiant Airlines Phone Number and we will help you select your seat of choice at the time of your reservation. This is probably a good idea if you’re traveling with a companion. Seat selection on Allegiant Air starts from $20 to $80.

Besides the above, we handle all your refund requests on Allegiant Air. If you want to make a cancellation, change, or apply for a refund call our support team and get your request actioned through us. We shall also handle your special requests like a meal request, medical aid, traveling with a companion with special needs, etc.

Frequent Sales

Check out the lowest one-way deals on popular routes at Allegiant Airlines Reservations Phone Number. Cheap tickets start from $47 for Cincinnati OH to  Fort Myers/ Punta Gurda. Other flights from Cincinnati OH to popular destinations like Charleston, SC,  Denver, CO,  Fort Lauderdale, FL are also priced low around $52-57. Travel dates and routes are limited so call our support team and know your best deal or get the cheapest price in the market on your next flight.

Allegiant Airlines Reservations Phone Number is the single point contact helpline for all your service requests, adding services, handling complaints and queries on Allegiant Air. We have been in the business of ticket booking for decades and therefore our negotiated deals, volume purchases, and affinity prices help us secure deals and prices you won’t get in the open market. Check our unbelievable fares on Allegiant Air. Our complete booking support service is much to talk about and is inclined to make your travel hassle free and pleasant. Call us for any help related to your booking on Allegiant Air on our toll-free Allegiant Airlines Phone Number booking support at 1800 823 9246.

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